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Everyone has heard about Google and all of its incredible innovations. Specifically, there has been a lot of excitement around their Google Voice app that allows users to obtain a phone number for “free.” A quick internet search yields plenty of evidence of the rumors regarding the usefulness of this app related to calling – or receiving calls from – inmates for free.  Let’s take a closer look at Google Voice and find out the truth.

How to Use Google Voice for Inmate Calls

Google Voice allows you to register for free and choose any phone number you want.  Once set up, the system forwards incoming calls from the Google Voice number to an existing phone number – your cell phone or landline. Many people who are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their inmate’s calls attempt to find and select a number within the same area code as the inmate’s facility – thus processing the call as “local.”

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, let’s take a look at the facts. Does it actually work?




FCC Prison Calls Regulation

Correctional institutions – including prisons, jails and transitional centers – typically have special restricted telephone systems that the inmates use to call family members, friends, etc.  These institutions have specific phone calling rules and regulations designed to allow inmates to call only permitted phone numbers, and only under certain conditions controlled by the institution.

Typically, the cost of these calls is paid by the inmate’s family through an inmate’s commissary or telephone account, or the inmate must make collect calls.  In an effort to reduce inmate calling costs, many friends and family members have turned to Google Voice for a less expensive solution.

However, because the inmate’s ability to make calls from the correctional institution is regulated by the institution and their calling rules, the phone system is likely set up to automatically block the inmate from calling your Google Voice number. Be aware that Google itself doesn’t block anyone from calling you, but it is impossible to receive collect calls through a Google Voice number.

Here is the quote from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, “Inmate Telephone Regulations.”

“Note that Federal and most state prisons prohibit, detect and block inmate phone calls made to forwarded phone numbers, to prevent abusive calls or illegal activity by inmates. Google Voice uses call-forwarding to reach your phone. Violation of these prison regulations can result in loss of inmate calling privileges. Be smart. Don’t do it.”

Now that sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? In reality though, it just won’t work in most cases, keeping you from finding yourself in a bad situation. Click the picture below for an example of this:


Reasons That Google Voice Won’t Work for Prison Calls:

  • Google Voice cannot receive collect calls or pay for the calling party’s phone call charges. The money you added to your Google Voice account can only be used by you, the caller, to make international long distance calls.
  • Google is not involved with the correctional institution’s telephone systems or their rules, and it cannot offer any assistance with these calls.
  • Google Voice and other VoIP systems cannot receive even standard collect calls, much less from those who are calling from prison.
  • You still have to deal with the inmate telephone provider (Securus, Global Tel Link, IC Solutions or other similar companies).

So, what can friends and families of inmates do? Is there a true solution to avoiding expensive rates from the prison phone providers? The good news is, yes!  PrisonConnect is safer than Google Voice and costs only $4.99/month!!


How Does PrisonConnect Save Money on Inmate Calls?

When you sign up for PrisonConnect, you are given a number that is local to your inmate’s facility. However, it is illegal for PrisonConnect calls to be blocked. Why? Because PrisonConnect is a registered Telephone Company that is FCC regulated. Any attempt to block the PrisonConnect number is absolutely prohibited by the FCC, and violates the FCC’s own rules and regulations!

How Do I Get Started With PrisonConnect?

With PrisonConnect, you are talking at local rates, preventing the phone provider from charging you outrageous long-distance prices. Once you sign up, you’ll need to give the PrisonConnect number to your inmate and ask him to add this number to the approved phone numbers list. Once the number is added into the system, your inmate can dial this number and the call will be redirected to your cell phone or landline.

Assuming the facility does not unlawfully block the PrisonConnect number, this is much cheaper and permissible alternative to the ridiculous fees charged by the prisons. You can save as much as $20.00 to $30.00 per call!

PrisonConnect - cheap inmate calls

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30 thoughts on “Google Voice Free Number for Inmates

  1. My name is Gwen. Does the $4.99 automatically stop coming off your card when inmate is released

    1. Hi Gwen,

      No, it doesn’t. You need to contact the support and ask to close your account. We will finish your subscription and congratulate you on a long-awaited event 🙂

      Kind regards,
      PrisonConnect Support

  2. After reading all the comments about this service there are 2 different things I have noticed…First the price amount. Everywhere the price is listed it shows $4,99. My question is is the amount four dollars and $.99. or is it four thousand and ninety nine dollars? Can you please clarify the charge amount please thanks in advance?

    Secondly. when asked if this really works. There is not a response as to if it really works or not? Not tryin to be Debbie downer..just tryin to not waste time or money? If it does work there needs to be comments stating that it does work. Thanks in advance also.

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for your interest in PrisonConnect. I will try to answer your questions:

      1. Our price is always the same – $4,99/month or four dollars and 99 cents. The first month is free.
      2. Our service really works. To be precise, it works in 99% of cases. Sometimes technical problems may arise, sometimes problems with some specific prisons. In any case, we always try to help our customers. For this, we have a free trial month. Try it! 🙂

      I hope I was able to answer your questions. If not, you can contact our support team and they will answer you in more detail.

      Kind regards,

  3. So if we get the first month free and then its $4.99 after, what if we want to cancel?

    1. Dear Terry,

      If you wish to cancel the service, then you should contact our support. In the end, we’ll send you the cancellation confirmation email or SMS.

      NO additional fees required.

      Kind regards,
      PrisonConnect Support

  4. My boyfriend’s in a local jail in our calls are almost $8 a 15-minute call I was told if I got an out-of-state number that it would be cheaper is that true

    1. Dear Sherri,

      Yes, sometimes local rates are more expensive than non-local. Please, contact our support and we will help you to get the number you need

      Kind regards,
      PrisonConnect Team

  5. So my husband is in a local prison, we have local calls already but the 30 min call costs almost $3. Is this something that can be reduced with a phone number from prison connect? Or does this only work if the area code was not local?

    1. Dear Tina,

      Usually, PrisonConnect helps to reduce call rates for non local calls. However, sometimes local calls are more expensive that non-local.You can try our first free month and see how it will work for you.

      Best wishes,
      PrisonConnect Team

  6. Hi my son is in USP Hazelton in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. I didn’t find it on the list of Prisons. So can I not get a number? Thank you Rita Curcio

    1. Dear Rita,
      Please, contact the support. We are extending our list of prisons, so there is a possibility that USP Hazelton hasn’t been added yet.

      Kind regards,
      PrisonConnect Support

  7. So I’m new to this and my inmate friends’ jail uses the Global tel link system. I understand paying the $4.99 a month and registering the new connect number with the facility but how much money needs to be added to the inmates account??? I don’t even know how to go about doing that to begin with.

    Can anyone offer their assistance cause i’m tired of paying almost $16.00 for a less than 20 minute call it’s very frustrating. I’de love to talk to him but that’s extremely expensive per phone call and definitely draining with the holidays so close now!!!

    Thank you for your time and response!!!

    1. Dear Heather,

      Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a special explanation for you – How to call an Inmate.

      Prison Connect offers one simple plan – only $4.99 per month. This includes special number that is local to the facility that allows you to speak with a minimum (“local”) rate.
      $4,99 is only the PRICE FOR A NUMBER. You still have to deal with prison phone providers and pay your bills. Prison Connect helps you to talk longer for less.

      In federal prisons, inmates are charged through their commissary account. Please consult the Federal Bureau of Prisons for more information about ways to set up and charge a commissary account.

      In state facilities, the account with the jail/prison phone service provider needs to be funded to make call from the jail/prison. Please consult the particular state department of corrections website for more details on setting up an account with the licensed provider and their local phone call rates.

      Good luck!
      PrisonConnect Support

  8. I received my number from Prison Connect, and I gave it to my husband, but the number provided is not a local number for the prison that he is at he is being charged the regular price for a long distance call. Is there a way to get another number?

    1. Dear Veronica,

      We are sorry to hear about your situation. Of course, you can call the support and explain them your case. We will help you to get a new number for your facility.

      Our system is 99% accurate, but occationally something like this may happen.

      Thanks for your request!

      Best wishes,
      PrisonConnect Support

  9. Do you know about what the savings is per minute. My boyfriend can talk to his family, who all have 502 area codes, as they live in Kentucky, where he is incarcerate. They talk for .10 cents per minute.
    But, when he calls me in Nashville, TN, since I’m a 615 area code, it’s .21 cents per minute. He’s in GRCC, in Louisville.
    So if I subscribe to your service, will we be able to talk for .10 cents a minute?
    My email is:

    1. Dear Susie,

      Unfortunately, we can’t predict the exact savings for each case. There are too many factors to consider. This is why our first month is free. Try and find out how much you can save. It can be even less than 10c/min!

      You can sign up here – sign-up page

      Kind Regards,
      PrisonConnect Support

  10. Quick question. Can we choose the exchange and area code? Prisons do not just charge based on the area code but also the exchange.

    1. Dear Brittany,

      We can manually choose the exchange and area code. You should contact the support and explain your case. We will do everything on our end.

      Kind regards,
      PrisonConnect Support

  11. So if the first month is free why do we have to money on it with the other prison phone company and how much ? Is it unlimited calls for $4.99 a month? And does the prisoner have to call our cell number or the number you give us ?

    1. Dear Tara,

      Yes, we offer unlimited calls for $4,99 month!

      For each facility there is one official phone service provider. You still have to pay the prison phone provider for the phone call service. They provide exclusively the phone service for the facility. There is no way around them! We provide you with the local number that helps you pay them up to 90% less.

      To receive calls from your inmate you must first:
      1. Give the Prison Connect number to the inmate (in a letter/email, during a visit, on the phone);
      2. Tell to register the Prison Connect number instead of your personal number with the prison phone provider;
      3. Fund the telephone account. The account needs to be funded for the inmate to make a call. With Prison Connect you will be charged at a minimum;
      4. When an inmate calls you on the Prison Connect local number the call will be connected directly to your cell phone.

      Please, visit go to our Sign-Up page to start your free month

      Best wishes,
      PrisonConnect Team

  12. I was told that I would have to call and register my number before my son could call me. It was my cell phone. The prison did a third party call to my cell company to verify this information was true. How would this be handled for the number that is provided to me by your company? I know they mentioned cell phone, land line etc. what would the number be when I sign up for service?

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Yes! You need to register the Prison Connect number with the prison phone provider (e.g. GTL, Securus, ICSolutions, PayTel, etc.) and put money on the account with them so that the inmate can call out and to the PrisonConnect number. If necessary, we can provide a bill stating that the number is yours.This is enought to pass any verification procedures.

      For any other questions, please, contact our Support and we will help you!

      Best wishes
      PrisonConnect Team

  13. How do I try this service free for the first month.. My wife is in santa Barbara county jail. I have no money for calls. She’s been down 6 months now. Plz help me . thank you and God Bless

    1. Hi Yesenia,

      Our first month is always free. You just need to sign up for the service:
      1. Go to sign-up page
      2. Enter the name of the facility; After typing first few letters you’ll see the drop-menu where you can choose the correct facility;
      Enter your cell phone and email address;
      3. You will receive a notification to contact the support +1 (855) 971-1121
      4. Call the support and receive the Prison Connect number;
      5. You will receive a number local to the facility you chose – that will be your new Prison Connect number, which when dialed will redirect to your cell phone, but the call will be charged at a local rate;
      6. Register the Prison Connect number with the prison phone provider (e.g. GTL, Securus, ICSolutions, PayTel, etc.) and put money on their account so that the inmate can call your Prison Connect number;
      7. Your free month starts the moment you receive your Prison Connect number. When the first billing cycle will come, you’ll be notified through a text message to make the payment of $4,99 for the next month.

      Explicit step-by-step guide on “HOW TO SET UP PRISON CONNECT ACCOUNT“”- just click the link and choose “HOW TO SET UP PRISON CONNECT ACCOUNT” tab.

  14. Hi, my name is Belinda Walters and I am trying to find a way that I can talk to my son without it costing so much. You said it was working for you and then stopped. Did they get it fixed so you could talk with your family? I would like to know if it works befor I sign up for it. I hope you can help me and thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Belinda!

      Our support helped to fix the problem. You can try our first month for free and find out how it works.

      Best wishes,
      PrisonConnect Team

  15. Hi my name patricia gravez i set up account with you and ic solution it was doing well now it he cant use that numbdr any more what should i do

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