Reduced Inmate Call Rates? Not enough!

In early 2014 new rules were set into place by the FCC to protect prison inmates and families from exorbitant phone rates. According to FCC reports, many phone companies were taking advantage of inmates and charging over $1.00 per minute to call across states. Private phone companies were making the most of the situation and the opportunities for kickbacks from these commissions, making call expenses for inmates significantly higher than calls from others in the area phoning to the same locations.

New Inmate Call Rates

The new rates have been capped at 25 cents per minute for debit calls and 21 cents per minute for collect calls. Phone service providers argued that the statistics and examples of high costs cited were taken from outlying areas and turned to the advantage of those arguing for a rate cap, while most calls are actually significantly cheaper on average. They argue that this new cap brings up the possibility of higher taxes as the prisons will have to make up the price difference that the phone companies claim they may not be able to cover.


Reducing  Prison Call Rates even More

Those acting on behalf of inmates and their families see this as a major victory. However, though rates may be significantly lower and more affordable, the cost can still add up. Even at 25 cents or less, the 300 minutes allotted to the inmates can be as much as $75 per month. Prison Connect brings this cap even lower, bringing the price down to 6 cents per minute, or $18 maximum each month. This is a great option for those wishing to stay in touch with their loved ones. The $18 comes out of the inmate’s commissary account, and the Prison Connect money-saving number costs only $4.99 a month with no additional fees. That means the absolute maximum cost is $22.99 if the inmate uses their entire allocation of minutes.

With Prison Connect you will be paying cheaper local fees for long distance calls since your calls are routed to a local number that redirects you straight to your inmate. Your calls will be more affordable regardless of private phone companies and their efforts to impose the highest rates. Compared to the current $75 cap or the unreasonable and predatory fees of years past, Prison Connect’s significantly lower rate options are a small price to pay to speak with your loved ones. Prison Connect is a legitimate and FCC regulated inmate call-routing service that strives to give inmates, families, and friends a better and more affordable option.

PrisonConnect - cheap inmate calls

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