Solution for a High Prison and Jail Phone Call Rates

It’s no secret exorbitant call chargers are hindering communication of many loved ones all over the states. Friends and family of inmates undergo the pain of separation with loved ones in prison, as if not enough they are faced with high call charges simply to hear the voice of a loved one. At Prison Connect, we understand the pain and we are here to offer you the opportunity to talk more for less and enjoy connecting with your loved one in prison without the burden of excessive phone charges.


Inmates Families Matters

The concept of keeping offenders behind bars is meant to seclude them from the society so that they do not cause more harm, be it physical or emotional, to innocent civilians. However, most offenders have loved ones in the form of family and friends who suffer due to the lack or inadequacy of communication when they are behind bars.

The high call rates have been for a long time a major hindrance for the conversations between the inmates and their family and friends. Crime is mostly prevalent among the low economic class thus creating a situation where families have to forgo other important needs just to make a phone call and check up on their loved ones who are locked up in prisons.

U.S Inmate Calling Rates

Case in point, it costs $.33 every minute to make a long distance call in the state of New Jersey. Sometimes the callers end up spending up to $15 when the calls last for 15 minutes. Seven states in America have call rates that is less than half that of New Jersey. The charges are $5.50 for every 15 minutes of call made if not long distance and $8.50 if the call made is long distance.  Some states charge $4.75 and $7.75 for calls made within the state and long distance calls respectively. This is senseless as there are huge disparities in call rates when in most cases the services are offered by the same company.


PrisonConnect Offers Cheap Inmate Calls

But Prison Connect has set out to end this injustice. By using the service of Prison Connect, the callers will save up to 90% every time they make a call. This is more than $10 on every phone call being made. Prison Connect offers the client with a number that is local to the facility within which the client’s loved one is currently being locked up in. This, by default, helps reduce the charges for every call being made as long distance calls are charged higher than calls made that are not long distance.

Prison Connect goes further with this sweet deal and lowers the cost for every call. The clients are charged a flat monthly rate of $4.99. They will not be paying for every call they make but rather just pay once and then make as many calls as they want to. Clients are offered a free trial period of one month and if they are happy with the services offered then they can go ahead and subscribe.

PrisonConnect - cheap inmate calls

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4 thoughts on “Solution for a High Prison and Jail Phone Call Rates

  1. I don’t know what we are doing wrong but by the time the pre-recorded message gets to the “do you want to accept or not” it’s been so long the next message is always the caller has hung up. Please see if I have not done something right so this service will work. There is $17. on this account.

    1. Hello Kelly,

      We are sorry to hear this. Please, contact our support – +1 (855) 971-1121 – and let them help you to deal with this issue.

      Have a nice day!

  2. do you still have to use GTL or another company along with prison connected or is this a flat rate of $4.99

    1. Yes. Unfortunately, there is no way of avoiding these companies, as they have the monopoly over prison phone services.
      But PrisonConnect helps you pay a much lower rate, and save on your phone bills.

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