What did the Securus Data Leak show?

Shockwaves have rippled through the world recently in the face of a massive leak of phone records from the large phone call service provider Securus Technologies. The leak showed a massive violation of privacy rights.


Who are Securus Technologies?

For those unfamiliar with Securus Technologies, a little introduction might be in order. This is a firm that is in bed with county governments and state departments of corrections which spread Securus’ operations across 37 states in the US at the very least.

Securus is known for huge rates on inmate calls. They used to charge up to $14/min(!) before the regulation. Now, they are still charging much more than the call would normally cost.

In the year 2014 Securus reported revenue of over $404 million. In short, it comes as no surprise that a hack into its database leaked over seventy million recorded prison phone calls.

The surprise is in the constitution of the seventy million calls, not to mention the fact that someone managed to hack such a company. It is hard to reconcile a company of such repute and such actions as recording confidential conversations between a prisoner and their attorney.

Why are Inmate Calls Recorded?

The communications giant markets itself mainly on the premise of the superior technology it possesses in the form of the Secure Call Platform. This allows for recording and monitoring of all calls going out from prisoners with a few exceptions.

It is supposed to be superior in its security, the database being impenetrable except by the few with authorized access. The main aim of such recordings is for the protection of people both inside and outside the prison, and crime solving as they may provide evidence in any sort of investigation. That a man was able to get through to the fortress, make out the records and go ahead to publish them online is a source of concern.

The criminal justice system is anchored on the premise that a defendant may be able to converse freely with their attorney. The sixth amendment unequivocally entitles them to be competent and effective legal counsel who can only be so if they can explicitly communicate their position to the advocate.


Where is the Line Between the Law and its Violation?

It may be intrinsically accepted that once in jail, many a man’s right is limited, but the attorney-client privilege is always constitutionally protected. These are conversations that should by no means be recorded let alone stored. Such recordings are unconstitutional and are one of the acts that motivated the hacker who leaked them.

Find out how to avoid Self-Incrimination on the Phone.

Outside the relatively limited context of imprisonment, it is a matter of concern how much information is retained on not only the prisoners but also all the other people with whom they are affiliated.

In the records unearthed were prisoners’ first and last names, phone numbers called, date, time and duration of the call. If the rights to privacy of the prisoners are justifiably withdrawn to a large extent, where is it supposed to stop?

It becomes blurred at which point the breach goes from the prisoner’s right to the liberties of their associates outside of prison and who should have all their rights intact.

Massive Violation of Client-Attorney Privilege by Securus

Securus Technologies seem to understand this going by their proposals. In one such proposal they commit to record and monitor all but privileged calls. The leaked records prove otherwise.

Even in the case of calls that are not privileged, legal experts suggest that the waiver of rights should only be to the extent that they cover the conditions that necessitate them. There is, therefore, no justifying that calls bearing nothing but intimate details between a couple should be recorded and stored indefinitely.

This only heightens the chance of exposure of the communication and violating their rights, which is exactly what has happened.

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2 thoughts on “What did the Securus Data Leak show?


    I have information concerning SECURUS and tha actual issue concerning attorney client privileged communications. The recent release from INTERCEPT is incorrect this has been going on with SECURUS since their inception. Take a look at U.S. vs Novak. The issue is much larger than anyone is talking about. In every facility in all state and federal cases that SECURUS provides service the discs for different inmates are ordered in 5-10% of all cases.

    Every time the software was updated, even if any blocks had been placed to restrict recording, the blocks were wiped out for all attorneys and all privileged employees paralegals and private investigators working on cases across the entire country.

    Across the country US Attorneys, State Attorneys, Alphabet agencies all received these calls and in not one case of them receiving privileged communications did they report it to SECURUS, the defendants council, or the Courts. Committing fraud on the courts in every case. In Colorado their has been a pattern of intentionally placing difficult cases and high profile cases by the US Attorneys office in SECURUS phone service facilities. I wonder why? This issue litterally effects 1,000’s of defendants in every state that SECURUS provides services to in both State and Federal facilities.

    I can provide a list of Law Enforcement individuals including one ex FBI employee that if deposed can confirm all of the above. This problem has been going on much longer than 2011. It goes back to at least 2006. They were aware of problem in US vs Novak 2006, again they were notified in 2009/2010, and now once again. This is called a pattern and history of abuse. This is the largest violation of prisoner rights, civil rights, and wire tapping violations, it is also Fraud on the Courts in every case state or federal that it occurred in.

    If you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact me. Otherwise I plan to discuss with Plaintiffs counsel and the press.
    Lance C. Migliaccio



  2. I Truely Knew Somet Wasnt Right With That Prison Phone Company Securus and I Told My Fiance That I Didn’t Wanna Pay For No More phone Calls With Them They Kept On Takeing My Money I Put $100.00 on The Phone And It Ran Out In That Same Week That Company Should Be A shame Of There Selves And There’s More Family’s Out Here That They Are Doing This Very Same Thing To Someone Needs To Put A Stop To Them We Love Our Love Ones And Miss Them Dearly But We Shouldn’t Have To Be Ripped Off They Are Add On More Heart Ache And Pain To Us All They Need To Quickly Get Reed Of Securus Phone Service Threw Out All Prisons And They Need To Make It Very Affordable For Everyone To Talk To There Love Ones At A Very Low Unlimited Rate A Month Thank You All For Sharing This Important information.

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